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Cyberbound is a PC game, exploring the boundaries of couch co-op, where both characters experience their own hero’s journey. Set up as a branching visual novel, Cyberbound invites the two players to choose who is handling each situation, as they both have simultaneously the chance to do so. Will the players try to strategize, or will they wing each dialogue, making up their minds on the go? 

The game is set in a sci-fiesque dystopia, where the main city is built in the form of an immense inverted pyramid. The city’s architects either purposefully or subconsciously - that is something yet to be discovered - drew inspiration from Dante Alighieri’s structure of hell, where each of nine levels is home to different kinds of sinners. However, in Giza’s case, each level belongs to different groups of people, whose attitude and goals are dictated by their status quo. 

Our protagonists, born and raised in different city levels, are bound to struggle with their social interactions, as they roam the city and encounter all sorts of quests and obstacles. Most importantly, they will face their own and their partner’s harsh truths, as their class, race, gender, and identity will often put them in situations they would never have imagined. 

Designed, Directed & Developed by Christina Chrysanthopoulou & Konstantinos Vasileiadis

Graphic Design by Adriana Alifragi

Music from Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) | 'Sincerely', 'What You Want', 'Club Diver' / Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Ambience from freesound.org

© Team Cyberbound 2022, All Rights Reserved


Tech Demo (PC) 127 MB

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