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Fairies have fascinated most cultures that existed in the Greek peninsula, in an almost continuous thread - woven from Ancient Greece (Νύμφαι [Nymfai]) all the way to the Greece of the past century (Νεράιδες)

This game aims to preserve this flow, and bring it to center stage - for players who choose to believe that there’s more to reality than meets the eye..

- - - - - -

You're visiting your grandpa, in a small house somewhere up in the mountains of central Greece, early 1900s.

A storm is brewing outside.. you're stuck in the attic though!

Grandpa is coming down with various progressive symptoms, each of which can have various causes ranging from the physical to the ethereal, depending on who you ask!

The village's Priest, a Doctor and your Grandma are all fighting for your attention as they have increasingly complex requests to deal with the grandpa's symptoms. Help out in any way you think best, and watch the clash of cultures unfold : )

- - - - - -

Researched, Designed & Developed collaboratively by the Greek Furries team

Christina Chrysanthopoulou

  Visual Direction, 3D Modeling, Writing

Vasillis Karavassilis

  Programming, Writing, Priest VO

Konstantinos Vasileiadis

  Documentation, Narrative, Production, Programming, Grandma VO

Special thanks to "Doctor" Kostas Koukoudis for his voice : )

- - - - - -

Since this was created during a game jam with Cultural Heritage as the theme, we thought it was a good idea to leave behind the entire Game Development process as a cultural heritage in and of itself.

While we were working we were actively streaming (recordings are available), the concept document was open for commenting (and still is), and you can see the Miro board where the brainstorming took place.

Also, the git repository is open source ; as all the assets in there are either recorded by us or downloaded under the Creative Commons 0 license.

[Concept Doc]





[Dev Streams]





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