Act 3 & Challenges (v0.13)

👁️ Act 3 & Challenges

V0.13 brings Act 3 to the game ! There’s “kids”, there’s songs, there’s.. boom!, and dogs and tentacles and dramas and androids…

And then, there’s.. you, caught in the middle of it all, as usual.

As usual, as usual, and not just once, as usual, but multiple times, as usual, over, and as usual over again!

In other words.. challenge modes have been unlocked! You get to play the game from the beginning, skipping some narrative parts and focusing on gameplay ; can you finish it in under an hour ? Without dying ? Or will you be stuck in a loop ad infinitum?

Enjoy :)

PS: If you find bugs, blame the version number (and let me know via Discord)

🎤 Final Recording & Price Increase

What a ride it’s been.. in a few days we’ll have final-quality VOs in the game :D

Had the pleasure of doing a few rehearsals with the Voice Actors, trying out different things and fully embracing the blooper-side of life.

Here’s a few takes from the last one

10/03 we’re recording and a couple of days after we should have the final lines in the game.

NOTE :: At that point I’ll be increasing the game’s price to its full price (about 50% higher than Early Access), so now’s your last chance to grab it at the Early Access price : )


Apotheorasis Full (All 3 Acts) 157 MB
Version 0.13.1.fiei (2022-03-08 13-33-45) Mar 08, 2022
Apotheorasis Prologue (Act 1) 93 MB
Version 0.13.1.piei (2022-03-08 13-36-43) Mar 08, 2022

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