🎤 Voice Actors Added (devlog #09)

🎤 Voice Actors Added

It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. v0.14 brings with it full quality voice acting patched in.

My beautiful developer’s voice can finally retire, as it’s replaced by a fantastic cast of 5 voice actors who will breathe, speak, shout, whisper, whistle, hum and sing just for you!

Alongside this update, the price has been set to the intended launch price (50% up from Early Access).

PS: They are still non-mastered, so some of the volumes may be off, and it’s possible in the 1,100 lines the project has that a handful are misplaced, wrongly trimmed etc - let me know via Discord if you catch anything!


Apotheorasis Full (All 3 Acts) 157 MB
Version 0.14.0.ffei (2022-03-18 13-18-35) Mar 18, 2022
Apotheorasis Prologue (Act 1) 93 MB
Version 0.14.0.pfei (2022-03-18 13-31-49) Mar 18, 2022

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