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An FPS with ZERO graphics!? Yes, you heard right ! Run • Blast • Escape • Survive, through sound alone, as you challenge your makers and unravel the mysteries of your existence.

You may be blind, but you're far from helpless !

Apotheorasis • Lab of the Blind Gods is a first person 3D action thriller without any graphics or UI; navigation, stealth, shooting, interactions ; you play it all by ear (literally).

So lean back, and let our 3D audio immerse you in this dark, thrilling, twisted - and badly humorous - sci-fi action-adventure!


A recent accident has left you blind, unable to speak, and with no memory of your former self.

“We are here to help” whispers a voice softly, yet something feels off.

In a twisted stroke of luck, your fate is tied to that of a dubious stranger. All you know is that something far more ominous is lurking around every corner you can't see.

Key Features

  • Dream-Like Graphics Let our sound fire up your imagination, the most powerful GPU in existence.
  • 3D Audio (Binaural) You could tell left from right before. Now you can tell front and back, up and down.
  • Rediscover the Basics Navigate from A to B, dodge traps, and fight enemies ; it will feel like your first time.
  • Hard but Forgiving Frequent checkpoints make sure you never lose more than a minute or two of your efforts.
  • Love, Songs and Robots The A.I. running the menus loves you, but can't sing - so it hire a soprano & a pianist.
  • Short and Sweet A quirky sci-fi thriller, set in a cold dark lab, with a few choices along the way.

A new genre awaits you. Are you ready to become a God?

Come on in, don't be afraid now..


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Apotheorasis Full (All 3 Acts) 157 MB
Version 1.0.4.fffi (2022-05-11 14-54-15)

Download demo

Apotheorasis Prologue (Act 1) 93 MB
Version 1.0.4.pffi (2022-05-11 14-55-43)

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