🎯 Release Date (+v0.14.2)

Ahh it’s been such a cold, dark journey in the depths of Deus Proxima Labs. Listening to every sound countless times, getting lost on purpose stress testing the level design, shivering when things clicked and wanting to shift delete the whole project when things didn’t… (ok I’m only 10% serious about that last one).

Thursday May 12th, Apotheorasis will “see the light of day” so to speak 👁️

In the days leading up to that I’ll be focusing my efforts on polishing how the page looks, reaching out to reviewers, curators etc and adding the game’s Soundtrack as a package with high quality files, alt takes, and audio-visual material from the rehearsals.

@everyone thank you for the continued support, for playing and purchasing the game. Now’s the time to tell a friend, and leave a comment on Itch if you haven’t already (it really helps!).

Let’s share the experience you had with as many ears as we can reach : )

v0.14.2 Changelog

Balanced the characters' volumes throughout the game
Improved timing of voice lines in all cutscenes
Fixed a couple corrupt voice lines
Added extra ambient SFX to help with navigation in the Cave and before the Pethouse
Added extra gameplay SFX to help with aiming during the Boss section
Fixed an issue in Challenge mode where the Agent was muffled


Apotheorasis Full (All 3 Acts) 157 MB
Version 0.14.2.ffei (2022-04-30 10-35-03) Apr 30, 2022
Apotheorasis Prologue (Act 1) 93 MB
Version 0.14.2.pfei (2022-04-30 10-41-21) Apr 30, 2022

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