April '22 Devlog (pt 1 of 2)

🎤 Voice Mastered

The final quality voices we recorded a couple of weeks back have now been fully cleaned-up, mastered and imported with their volumes corrected. It’s been a pain going through each line but hopefully the result are crisp, warm performances by the 5 actors.

I’ve also re-recorded the system with a better microphone, though something about that synethetic-sounding original recording is missing.. I’ll investigate : )

🎶 Final-Quality Music Added

The final quality song and accompaniment (piano) have been mastered, mixed and post-processed to create atmosphere in various parts of the game.

Here’s a full take from the song we’re using.

PS: Production has been a bit slow these last 2 weeks (burnout plus COVID did me in :) ), but I’m feeling better now, and ready to push it to the finish line!


Apotheorasis Full (All 3 Acts) 157 MB
Version 0.14.1.ffei (2022-04-05 13-22-20) Apr 05, 2022
Apotheorasis Prologue (Act 1) 93 MB
Version 0.14.1.pfei (2022-04-05 13-41-30) Apr 05, 2022

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