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Apotheorasis is Released 👁️‍ Tell a friend : )
👁️ Released ! Apotheorasis, having had a beautiful visual revamp (funny that this would be so important, despite the genre we’re in) has just headed out...
2 files — 1.0.4.pffi (2022-05-11 14-55-43), 1.0.4.fffi (2022-05-11 14-54-15)
v1.0.0 | Release Candidate
The time is upon us. If nothing major comes up, this is the build that will be released May 12 : ) Changelog Handling of a couple of rare exceptions...
2 files — 1.0.0.pffi (2022-05-06 11-43-22), 1.0.0.fffi (2022-05-06 11-42-05)
🎯 Release Date (+v0.14.2)
Ahh it’s been such a cold, dark journey in the depths of Deus Proxima Labs. Listening to every sound countless times, getting lost on purpose stress testing t...
2 files — 0.14.2.pfei (2022-04-30 10-41-21), 0.14.2.ffei (2022-04-30 10-35-03)
April '22 Devlog (pt 1 of 2)
🎤 Voice Mastered The final quality voices we recorded a couple of weeks back have now been fully cleaned-up, mastered and imported with their volumes correct...
2 files — 0.14.1.pfei (2022-04-05 13-41-30), 0.14.1.ffei (2022-04-05 13-22-20)
🎤 Voice Actors Added (devlog #09)
🎤 Voice Actors Added It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. v0.14 brings with it full quality voice acting patched in. My beautiful developer’s voic...
2 files — 0.14.0.pfei (2022-03-18 13-31-49), 0.14.0.ffei (2022-03-18 13-18-35)
Act 3 & Challenges (v0.13)
👁️ Act 3 & Challenges V0.13 brings Act 3 to the game ! There’s “kids”, there’s songs, there’s.. boom!, and dogs and tentacles and dramas and andr...
2 files — 0.13.1.fiei (2022-03-08 13-33-45), 0.13.1.piei (2022-03-08 13-36-43)
Patch Notes (v0.12.2)
System was so intent on vibrating something that wasn’t there, that, when it failed, anything following that failure was also doomed to fail, including settin...
2 files — 0.12.2.piei (2022-02-18 07-12-11), 0.12.2.fiei (2022-02-18 07-10-57)
February '22 Devlog
🎤 1st Rehearsal With the full cast signed, paid, and onboarded (turns out those simple things are a full time job!), we were able to have our first physical...
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Here’s the inputs ! Controller (recommended) ^^^^^^^ Walking :: Left Stick Looking :: Right Stick Shooting :: Right Tr...
started by Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis Feb 09, 2022
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If you want to replay a specific part of the game, or take it from the beginning (thought it may be useful for streamers...
started by Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis Feb 09, 2022
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While I recommend playing with your eyes closed to fully immerse yourself, it is possible to enable subtitles. Hold down...
started by Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis Feb 09, 2022
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Since it’s an audio-only game, your screen is free to do what you want ; get the camera to show your emotions / expres...
started by Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis Feb 09, 2022
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Feel free to share anything that struck out ; the good, the bad, the ugly. I care for, read through and usually reply to...
started by Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis Feb 09, 2022
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While I recommend playing the game with a controller for its vibration features, if it gets annoying, hold blast + shiel...
started by Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis Feb 09, 2022
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A fully thematic in-game menu is in my plans, but until then you can use the following keys at any point in the game to...
started by Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis Feb 09, 2022
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Hi, it would be nice if we could use controls, Perhaps shift and left/right, to use the mouse, although you might use th...
started by bradley22 Feb 08, 2022
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